Hanging Votive Candle Holders

Hanging votive candle holders hold small votive candles that provide a glowing, romantic ambiance to any room in which they are placed. They are often used in dining areas to provide a gentle glow. There are candle holders that look like any crystal chandelier that uses electric light bulbs except that four votive candles are placed on flat surfaces on the holder. There are many varieties of simple small holders for candles that hold one candle that hangs with a ribbon that is threaded through the holes on either side of the container, and is then hung from the ceiling via a hook. These are popular for special events, such as dinners, banquets, or weddings.

There are many lovely styles of hanging votive candle holders that can be found at websites. Some have chains from which they hang rather than ribbons. Candles are an inexpensive, yet elegant way to decorate, especially with a set of hanging candle holders that comes in a set with several pieces to hang. With their chains, they are 15 inches in length, and an attractive lighting arrangement could be made by grouping them together. It is possible to shorten the length of two of the three chains to add interest to the arrangement. Another hanging holder is made in an interesting shape in a red color. When a votive candle is placed inside, it makes a beautiful warm glow that will add color to any room.

Hanging Votive Candle HoldersFor a modern, cheerful party look or for the summer season, there are brightly colored capiz shell holders that hang from silver chains. These are sold in solid purple, pink, and turquoise, or a mixture of lime green, purple, lavender, and orange. Many other unique holders can also be found online, such as a fancy holder made of a wire frame that has a glass portion to hold the candle. It hangs by a chain and hook. Another one is a cylinder that has two-thirds of the area of the cylinder open while the candle sits in the upper third of the container. Colored glass marbles, flowers, and other decorative pieces can be used to fill in the bottom part of the candle. These are ideal for weddings because the bride can customize them to perfectly coordinate with the wedding colors. In addition, a glass conical style that has stripes carved into the glass that hangs by a white cord is a very special style. It is also available in frosted glass that would be an elegant addition to any room in the house.

Wholesale websites often sell hanging votive candle holders in bulk and at cheaper prices. Some websites also allow customer who want one or two holders to purchase from them. One style that is featured at a wholesale vendor features silver holders that can be hung outside on tree branches for an evening party. Each one is hand blown glass and has a silver paint material inside that gives it a speckled appearance. Another style that this website carries is one made of frosted glass that is tapered at the bottom. A silver chain is included for hanging. Globe vases are round with a circular opening in the front for inserting and removing candles. When these holders are placed on a long clear string, they look like bubbles suspended in the air.

Prices of holders are usually under three dollars each, but there are deluxe models made of wicker, metal, and other materials that can be expensive, costing as much as $16 a piece. These large lantern holders require three votive candles. Smaller wicker holder are also made for individual candles, and these cost about $6 each.

Hanging votive candle holders are an economical and stylish way to decorate, and candles are always appropriate for any room in the house.